At Readyhedge we take the time to grow hedges, so you don’t have to! Choose to replace tired looking fences with vibrant and natural hedges. Giving your garden both privacy and ambiance.

Hedging can be used for homeowners who would like a garden with minimal maintenance without adding harsh wooden borders. They also contribute to a healthy outdoor environment, providing oxygen and purifying the air.

Hedges aren’t just used as garden borders but can also add different sections to your garden landscape in a more aesthetical pleasing way.

With instant hedging you can enjoy all these benefits immediately.

Explore why Hedges are Better than Fences

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One of the most popular reasons for choosing hedges is they are an effective windbreak. They allow some wind to pass through their foliage. Compare this to a wooden fence where the pressure can be immense. Often causing costly damage to repair.



While a hedge does require pruning, as well as watering when first planted, a fence will need resealing to keep its appearances. Hedges may require slightly more physical maintenance, but the cost of this is much less than replacing broken or damaged fences.

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For a more natural backdrop to your garden, a hedge is the best option. They help bring to life the other colours flowers and foliage against the background of solid green.



Commonly it’s thought that fences offer the best protection of your property. However, there are a range of hedges available with thorns to keep trespassers away – even if they can scale a 6-foot fence!


Noise Pollution

Hedges are a great way to reduce the noisy from a nearby road or neighbouring properties.


Add Value

Many estate agents agree that a well-maintained hedge adds more value to a property than a fence. Adding a new hedge is definitely an investment!



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