The main purpose of an instant hedge is to make everything about planting a hedge easier and faster, not to mention more convenient and with a far higher success rate. Ready to plant, instant hedges make each step, from the planning and shipping to the installation and aftercare, far simpler. It saves both time and effort.

There are many benefits of instant hedging for your garden, you can explore these in our blog post Why Choose Instant Hedges for your Garden. There’s also plenty of benefits to hedging in general.

However, today we will review the major differences between instant hedges and conventional hedges, and if instant hedging will really come out on top.


Saving Time

One of the main reasons to invest in a hedge is to achieve privacy for your garden. For this to happen, hedges need to be at least 6ft tall, with no spaces between them. Using conventional methods of hedging, this can take years to achieve.

In fact, it usually takes 5-6 years for a hedge to fully mature. However, if you choose an instant hedge, a fully matured hedge can be planted in just one day. Giving you, your desired privacy – instantly!

Perfect Size, Perfect Look

We’ve all walked past hedging that looks a bit worse for wear! Large gaps, dying leaves and branches, these are all risks when planting a conventional hedge. This is because they may not all grow at the same rate; some may underperform or may not even be completely healthy once it’s matured.

By planting an instant hedge, you get identical hedges that have been carefully nurtured to grow to the same size, height and quality.

The ‘perfect look’ hedging is also far easier to achieve with instant hedges. They are grown in 1m long troughs or bags, making it simple to measure and plant, avoiding gaps but also without causing overcrowding.

To help with the efficient planting of your hedge you can download our guide.

Planting Guide for Instant Hedge

Achieve Stunning Garden Designs

Compared with a conventional hedge, ready to plant hedges are far easier to plan for when it comes to creating stunning garden designs. Garden Designs using Hedges.

No matter your size of garden, installing the correct number of hedges is simple, you just need to measure the space and purchase one hedge per one metre. As there’s no need to wait for your hedge to grow, you get the full effect of your desired garden design, instantly!

Long Term Investment

Although the initial purchase cost of a ready to plant hedge may be higher than a conventional hedge, the cost is certainly lower over time.

The cost for maintaining a conventional hedge is far higher than that of an instant hedge. This is due to the need for irrigation, shaping, staking and fertilizing over the 6 years it takes to fully mature.

With our ready to plant instant hedges, this is all done for you by our team of hedging experts. The hedge will arrive at your doorstep, mature and ready to be planted. This makes the annual cost for maintenance much lower than a conventional hedge.


For more information on our ready to plant hedges you can explore our full stocklist here. Each hedge has all the information on its appearance and specifications.