Mixed Native Hedging Trough Mix 5


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Thorn, Holly, Hornbeam

Mixed Native Hedging trough Mix 5 comprises of Hawthorn, Holly and Hornbeam and is intended to mimic the natural field hedges that you see all over the United Kingdom.  They are based on hawthorn and have other plants in them that you would find in most hedgerows.  This mix has Holly and Hornbeam to give an good screening native hedge.

Thorn, Holly, Hornbeam

The inspiration for the Mixed Native Hedging trough mix 5 comes from the hedgerows that roll across the British countryside. We grow a selection mix of different mixes of which this is one mix all with different varieties but underpinning nearly all of it is hawthorn. The mixes that we supply are 60% hawthorn with the rest made up of other varieties that are proven to perform well across nearly all of the United Kingdom. The plants in these mixes will all give good cover, shelter and food for a wide range of animals, birds and insects, as well as add interest to any planting scheme. Being container-grown this hedging will establish faster than the traditional way of using bare root plants to plant a mixed hedge and due to its density and branching, it will not need rabbit guards when planted.

The Mixed Native Hedging trough mix 5 is one of five mixes that we grow and are supplied in 2 main mixes; Mix 1 is Hawthorn, Field Maple, Hazel and Mix 2 is Hawthorn, Sloe, Hornbeam. There is also 3 lesser mixes; Mix 3 Hawthorn, Crab Apple, Privet; Mix 4 Hawthorn, Elm, Rowan and Mix 5 Hawthorn, Holly, Hornbeam.

It is possible when trimming the Mixed Native Hedging instant hedge to leave certain plants un-trimmed to form small trees to add extra cover and interest to the hedge. The Best ones for leaving untrimmed are Field Maple, Sloe, Crab Apple, Rowan, Elm, Hornbeam and Holly.

The bigger the number of plants in a mixed hedge the more diversity of beneficial insects and animals that can be supported and the healthy the local area will be.

Mixed Native hedging trough Mix 5 Thorn, Holly, Hornbeam has been selected as with an evergreen plant (Holly) and a plant that holds some leaves during the winter (Hornbeam) it will give more screening than some of the other mixes.  Even though the Holly is slower growing than the others it still manages to hold its own and overtime will thicken out to be quite a large part of the hedge.  With the Mixed Native Hedging trough mix 5 if you are wanting to leave a plant to grow upwards to form a tree in the hedge line you can do this with either the Holly or the Hornbeam although if space is limited it is suggested that this is only done with the Holly as its eventual height is around 5 metres.  Leaving one plant to form a small tree within the hedge will make this look even more natural.

Mixed native hedging trough mix 5 with its Holly and Hornbeam is particularly suited for planting in a coastal area as all the species in this mix are tolerant of salt spray and exposed positions.  It would also be happy in a more urban area with higher pollution levels.

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Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 100 × 20 × 70-90 cm
MNH Mix 5 Thorn Holly Hornbeam

length 100cm, width 20cm, height 100-120cm, Length 100cm, width 20cm, height 70-90cm, Length 100cm, width 20cm, height 80-100cm

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